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Car accidents can occur for a variety of reasons, but when they are the result of negligence or recklessness, victims may be able to recover monetary damages through a personal injury claim. Collision injuries can be devastating, and the extent of the harm often depends upon the type of crash. Listed below are some of the most common types of car accidents as well as common issues affecting the claims process.

Car Accident Injuries

One of the most common types of injuries sustained in car accidents is whiplash. This occurs when the muscles of the neck are extended beyond their normal range of motion. The pressure from seatbelts, airbags and impact with other parts of the car can also cause serious fractures.

Texting While Driving

The most common form of distracted driving, and the most dangerous, is texting while driving. While not illegal in Texas, texting while driving can be extremely dangerous. By doing so, drivers are taking their eyes, hands and their cognitive functions off of the road.

Rear-End Accident

In almost every case, this type of accident is the fault of the driver following behind. It commonly results from tailgating and aggressive driving, as well as drivers who become distracted and fail to brake in enough time to avoid the vehicle in front of them.

Head-On Accident

Although rare, these accidents are deadly. These can be the result of drinking and driving, falling asleep at the wheel or swerving to avoid something in the road.

Driver Distraction

Other than texting, there are many ways that a driver can become distracted. Eating, putting on makeup, talking and the like can all distract a driver to the point that an accident happens.

18 Wheeler Accident

Big truck accidents can be some of our most deadly wrecks. 18 Wheeler, flatbed truck, or tractor-trailer accidents are often caused by over worked drivers. The Tom Bagby Law Firm will hold those responsible for these devastating accidents and will fight for what is rightfully yours.

Motorcycle Accident

Negligent drivers can cause even the most experienced motorcycle riders to have an accident. From head trauma to back injuries to broken limbs, motorcycle injuries are typically severe. The Tom Bagby Law Firm will fight to recover all your medical expenses and other financial losses.

Uninsured Motorist

These are difficult claims to deal with. When you find out that the driver who hit you wasn’t insured, you may become concerned that you’ll be left paying out of pocket for the damages. Our firm is experienced in these claims and can fight so that you aren’t cut short of the compensation you deserve.

Due to the seriousness of these injuries, medical expenses such as treatment, therapy, and medication can be extensive and costly. Most insurance companies will try to settle for an amount that will only cover basic treatment, disregarding the lifetime of pain and discomfort caused by your injuries. In order to protect yourself in the long term from the damaging effects of car accident injuries, it is absolutely essential that you retain the representation of an experienced injury firm. A knowledgeable attorney can protect you from an unfair settlement, and help ensure that you receive the compensation you need, even if your accident was caused by an uninsured motorist.


Determining Liability

car-wreck-bagbyMost car accidents are caused by reckless or negligent drivers. Reckless drivers place everyone on the road in danger by weaving in and out of traffic, speeding or causing terrible injuries or fatalities in a drunk driving accident. When a driver speeds or drives recklessly, all those sharing the streets or highways are put in serious danger. Car accidents can also be the result of a defective safety system or other component, or a serious design flaw or manufacturing defect in your vehicle. In those cases, the injured victim can seek compensation from the car manufacturer or other liable party. In car accident cases, the attorney has the job of determining who should be held accountable for the accident and to ensure that the liable individual compensates their client fully.



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